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The Christ School community gathers regularly together to worship, and that shared fellowship is the glue that binds our community together. From its founding in 1900, St. Joseph's Chapel has played a central role in helping members of the school community make sense of the seemingly disconnected elements of our studies, society, and lives.

Video credit: Phillip Lopez ’23, Gabe Fricks-Starratt ’24, Mason Lamb ’21, William David ‘21

As an Episcopal school with students from many religious and denominational backgrounds, we lift up our Christian faith and heritage as an example for students of all faiths and backgrounds. As part of this, a commitment to diversity and inclusion is firmly embedded in our Episcopal Identity and enfolds our hope to proclaim God’s love for all people, to love our neighbor as ourselves, to strive for justice and peace, and to respect the dignity of every human being. Above all else, the Chapel is grounded in hospitality; it is a place where it is safe to ask questions and be part of a sacramental community that points towards God’s transformative love.

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The Chaplain plays an integral role in all aspects of the campus community and provides much of the leadership for our community life by attempting to bring the concept of servant leadership taught in our faith. Regular services at Christ School consist of an optional Sunday evening Eucharist, school-wide Morning Prayer on Tuesday and Thursday, and Wednesday Eucharist. We work to include a variety of speakers to engage our community and grow our understanding of faith.

About the Chaplain

John Roberts was named Chaplain in February 2019 and has brought a calming sense of spiritual leadership to the Christ School community. John Roberts

Father Roberts has been active in the Episcopal Church world for more than a decade and said he felt God's call to become a school chaplain. He was formerly interim Chaplain at Canterbury School in Greensboro, N.C., and Assistant Rector at St. John in the Wilderness Episcopal Church in Flat Rock, N.C. 

A graduate of Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, Father Roberts completed his Anglican studies at Sewanee School of Theology. He also studied abroad in India and Israel and has traveled to many other parts of the globe. Prior to his ordination, he served as a youth minister, camp chaplain, and director of a young adult service corps program. You can contact Father Roberts via email at

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